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A Contemporary variety/talk show hosted by Multi-Award-Winning Entertainer, Recording Artist, Actress, Zaina Juliette, featuring celebrity guests and upcoming talent. "A Gumbo of Entertainment."

Going on 6 years on The CW Network, Set location is in Las Vegas, NV.

ZJ Spotlight Productions, is association with CW Network are taking The Zaina Juliette Show (Spotlight) to the next level. More viewers and locations heading into Syndication and China and Europe reach. 

Zaina Juliette is represented by Kevin Black

Zaina Juliette Show The NOTHER Side is coming...

Passion Z

Extraordinary Talent in the Shadows

Who is  Zaina Juliette?


Passion Z is a behind the scene intimate look at an incredible life-long entertainer, TV host, and StarChild, Zaina Juliettte. This is, the backstory and a spinoff of Zaina Juliette & Friends TV Show exploring who Zaina Juliette, the StarChild really is. Many are asking and are intrigued by her mysteek and private lifestyle which will always remain; however, her story will expose some things under the radar such as the spiritual rollercoaster of Zaina, an empath, in touch with her higher self and spirituality. An Artist that has always been on the verge of mega stardom her entire life, her extensive knowledge of all aspects of entertainment, her passion, laser focus and powerful gifts from another realm, her hidden talents. Her story, the whispers, her intriguing talent, wisdom and creativity. This docu-drama will tell the story that so many people within the entertainment industry expressed strongly after seeing her, "Where has she been?" One executive from Europe stated “An Artist such as Zaina only comes around once every 25 years.” 


Zaina Juliette will be joined by talented celebrity guests who will converse with Z on all levels, artists to artists. In her “Artist 2 Artist” segments, Zaina will discuss artistry to artists, live entertainers, music industry executives from an artist standpoint. 


As many entertainers experienced, Zaina has had some devastating setbacks in her journey, but her setbacks are different from most. Some industry professionals who personally know her believe there was a plot against her to keep her completely under the radar, quarantined from other talent and industry pros.  Zaina is a quadruple threat as an entertainer. There are some amazing truths that were kept in the dark. But now will soon come to the light in this intimate series Passion Z The Nother Side on Podcast and Television.  Zaina is frequently joined by her best friend Taina Heaven who resides in Southern France.


This show will later morph into the following program of her new unique mind bending, psychological thriller, scifi, horror TV Series Zaina is currently creating entitled StarChild of The 7 Realms (ST7R) based on the abyss of her mind that will present a cast of real recording artists and musicians as the main characters. Those characters will be appearing as guests on Passion Z… Think of Talking Dead which aired after the hit TV series The Walking Dead. Where the talent from the show will join Zaina on The Nother Side


For the first time this mysterious Artist will tell the tale of some of her devastating moments as an Artist/Entertainer however, Zaina made it clear that she will not reveal everything. Her most intimate conversations will be with her confidant and best friend Tania Heaven, who also shares her passion and secrets as an Artist across the waters in France. Tania want’s Zaina to share more with the world and is always pulling Zaina into these deep, off the grid with Explosive, passionate, and beyond our world conversations and content that will leave the audience in a brain-twist. Most artists and creators of content will feel this truth and many of which hold their truths. Those artists will be joining Zaina on her show. 


During Zaina Juliette’s entire life she has been focused on creating and learning yet it has been a rollercoaster ride she never got in que for. What surrounds that focus is a mind-trip to those who are watching and listening and people will also see how much Zaina is not what one would expect, she’s been called a “cool ass hippy, dynamic fresh nerd”.


There was never a normal life for her due to her passion and even though she recently hosted a 6 year run of her own TV show Zaina Juliette & Friends, her personal life was one of an introvert and she became more isolated each year due to the hater-aide distributed to certain enablers. 


Some say she is almost obsessed with artistry while others say she is out there or crazy (not a compliment) but those who call her crazy are left speechless after a conversation with her and experiencing her talent in action. She has extensive knowledge of the entertainment business and was showered with many opportunities; however, she lives by one motto and rule that goes deeper than her life on earth, that is "I refuse to sell my soul to get to my goals." (from Z Girl Power Movement) For that reason she isolated herself in her laboratory of creations which she says come from her spirit. 


As each setback, plot against her, and a few green eyed monsters who tried to sabotage her career, she learned how to create everything she needs to be self-sufficient as an Artist, content creator, editor, film maker, producer, choreographer, and more. This was both a blessing and a curse that led her down an uncertain road to stardom. People are fascinated by her talent yet when they see her behind the scenes talent in other areas of creating and all that she is capable of, those very same people want to use her for her other talents in order to take her creations and use them for their own motives and agendas. Who can she really trust?…If they can’t use her, then they would abuse her passion. So many great performers can relate to this. We cover some of these issues in this series.


“There is a dark side that surrounds the small entertainment industry”, Zaina says “ The real entertainment movers are on a small island, and that island is surrounded by vampires and sharks that want to drain your soul, you have to be a warrior and swim through those blood thirsty sharks to get to the island then break through the vampires on the outskirts to get to the island, you may get eaten alive or your spirit drained from your soul, but if you stay focused, fight and make it through all that, your goals will turn to gold and you win. I had to swim to that island, then crawl for a while before I could even begin to walk.  






Her Gumbo of Entertainment - (In conclusion)


Zaina Juliette will tell her story, plain and simple, as a free spirit, she will express her inner feelings that many artists share but harbor inside. At times she will spotlight guests and their talents and accomplishments. Zaina will speak with other artists and because of her natural loving nature, it allows them to feel comfortable and free as well. Zaina gives those talented, passionate, creative artists/entertainers a platform to express  themselves and show their talent with no filters. In honesty from the heart, the gray areas and the positive things about the journey they all have in common, Artist to Artist. The audience will see Zaina in action and experience the depth of her mind, creativity, passion and love for the arts. Her past will shock you and her presence will move you. This is her truth. You may find it hard to believe at times but then again that is what intrigues us all.


Show Topics

  • Diary stories 

  • Whispers

  • Inner Pain

  • Things I can’t tell

  • Holy Rain

  • Messages

  • Born on Stage

  • Music is in me

  • Listen to the Music

  • The earth is in Rhythm

  • How ST7R Came to me

  • I Listen to My Soul

  • Behind the Scenes 

of Behind the Scenes


  • Passion Abyss

  • Am I CrayZ?

  • Hit Em Hard

  • Girl Power

  • Warrior

  • I Refuse to Sell My Soul

  • Am I cursed

  • No One Would Believe Me!

  • Visions & Dreams

  • The Depth of the Artist Mind

  • My Mission

  • Am I from Earth?

  • My concept

  • StarChilds

  • Rollercoaster

  • Mind Trip

  • This Shhh is CrayZ

  • Sabotage

  • Why?

  • Bitch

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