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7 Realms Bliss Store


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StarChild of The
7 Realms

Starring Zaina Juliette

In a world teetering on the brink of chaos, humanity faces an imminent Armageddon, but salvation comes from the most unexpected source - the ET's, beings of unimaginable power who have watched over Earth for millennia. These celestial guides reveal a dire truth: the human race is on the precipice of self-destruction at the hands of seven malevolent entities known as the 7 Evils. The only hope for survival rests with the StarChilds, a group of gifted individuals chosen to wield their extraordinary musical talents to perform the ultimate Earthorcism.

Led by SaHeaven (played by Zaina Juliette), a child prodigy hailing from a family of unique entertainers in Louisiana, the StarChilds embark on a transcendent mission through different realms, times, and parallel worlds. Their epic quest to decode powerful frequencies will not only free Earth from demonic oppression but also forge an alliance with otherworldly civilizations.

ST7R-StarChild of The 7 Realms is a genre-bending television series that delves into the realms of Psychological Thriller, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. Rooted in real events and a series of dreams, the story follows SaHeaven and her fellow StarChilds as they confront evil forces spanning seven realms of both heaven and hell. What makes this series truly mind-bending is its exploration of deeper realities that resonate with all walks of life, transcending the boundaries of conventional storytelling. As it unfolds, the series will challenge your perceptions and encourage you to think beyond the confines of the known.

But what is a StarChild? Their origins and purpose become clear as the story progresses. These gifted individuals, are using more than !0, 20 or 30 percent of their brain, comprising humans, hybrids, and elves, are bestowed with unique musical talents and hidden powers. Chosen by the ET's of the Chariots, they are entrusted with the monumental task of deciphering the musical frequencies that can cast the demons from Earth and beyond into oblivion.

As the series unravels, audiences can anticipate appearances from real music artists and musicians in key roles, blurring the line between fiction and reality. Yet, lurking in the shadows are Lucifer's minions, the dark shadow jumpers, who possess humans to further the 7 Evils' nefarious agenda. While these demons can infiltrate the human race, they remain unable to jump StarChilds, setting the stage for an epic battle between light and darkness that will unfold across the universe and beyond all realms.

ST7R-StarChild of The 7 Realms invites you to embark on a mind-bending journey through the unknown, a symphony of intrigue and revelation that promises to challenge your beliefs and captivate your imagination.

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The series of stories, different realms, different times, the audience will connect all the dots. The tales are as long as the imagination can see. As far as the lifetimes SaHeaven was sent to Earth.


This series that will have real musical recording Artist as cameos and main characters in roles types their fan-base have never seen them in. They will be playing serious roles and they will be showing their musical talent in unique ways. MuZak on an entire different realm.

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Zaina Juliette TV Show on The CW Network.
Now almost 6 Years on air.
Zaina show will also cover Behind the scenes on all projects
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What's Josh Doing!

Whats Josh Doing?

 Zaina's cousin from Louisiana. Zaina wanted to create a TV Show about the Real Josh Critney.


A comical, fun, real  jaw dropping, wildlife adventure with Josh Critney. The journey begins in beautiful scenic authentic spots in Louisiana. The venture is the world!


This show is an adventure show starring a Brave, super fun guy and all his daring adventures. Think Steve Eirwin meets Bruno Mars on The byu in Louisiana then ventura the world.  


Josh gets downright muddy and stays clean at the same time.

A very handsome Creole young man who has no fear of anything... that moves, crawls, leaps, swims, with fangs, fur and scales. 

Josh takes his fans on the scenic view of the beautiful family land that stretches behind the levi into the Mississippi River. With the authentic people, his family, and friends that let’s the audience see how awesome these people truly are. We get to see a real Creole rainbow Louisiana Family. With their unique looks and natural beauty living the culture, the good cooking, crawfish boils and the music this family makes as the back story. But the front story is Josh Critney Adventures in the wild.


Since the age of 3 years old, Josh has been what they call a country boy to the highest level. He's funny, brave, a daredevil and for the ladies he is eye candy. One great trait that Josh has, is his love for all life, people, music and the world. Josh is a rare breed. People can not help but love him and his beautiful personality. He has all what it takes to have his own show as his childhood Idol Steve Eirwin..


Girls are in awe of him, and he does not even realize it. Guys like him for being him, exploring things many always dreamed of or feared.


Josh adventures consist of his knowledge and inneractions of nature and wildlife. Something he was born into. Josh has a passionate understanding of all creatures such as Alligators, big spiders, sea creatures and a lot more species that the average person

will never go near or ever have the chance to encounter. 

Josh also is a daredevil with many other things. His cousins and friends are always doing the unthinkable and making people laugh yet cringe. Josh has fun jokes, pranks and the audience gets to join him on all these fun adventures.



Age: 10 and up

Both male and female audience appeal


Louisiana, Brave Nature-Loving

Animal King, Cool, Fun, Creole it all,

Gator-Loving, Wildlife, Worldly, Daring

“What the heck”! ADVENTURE!.



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ST7R (The Awakening)
Based of of TV Series

Quick Read

ZAINA JULIETTE Live Concert Opera


Is a live concert with a back story based off of Zaina Juliette new TV Series ST7R/ StarChild of the 7 Realms. (The Awakening). And the TV Series is based off of Musical Artist with Zaina unlocking musical frequencies passed to them by ET’s from other worlds to cast evil from Earth. It is a spiritual warfare and the final battle. The StarChilds are the chosen ones and are Demon Slayers. 


The story is a fantasy, thriller, horror, sci-fi, mind-bending story for mainstream television/Netflix platforms.

The show boasts outstanding musicians and visuals, yet it is clean and high-energy.

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