ZTraxx Team

Dale Snow


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Tina L. Turner


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Zaina Juliette

Creator, Artist, Entertainer

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CEO / Founder / Corporate Manager / ZTV Producer / Radio

Dale is a very powerful and extraordinar business man. "The Man Who Can" Dale has a long resume in Business, Film, Television and Corporate structure. There is nothing that he can not handle.  A person you can count on at all times.

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Artist/CEO/ TV Host of Zaina Juliette & Friends TV Show on The CW Network

Entertainer, Recording Artist,

Producer, Actress, Writer, Creator, TV Host. See more at ZainaJuliette.TV

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Product Manager / Entertainer / Executive Producer of Zaina Juliette & Friends TV Show on The CW Network

Tina, a professional entrepreneur, Producer and Entertainer, Actress,  Singer.

Tina L. Turner

Tina is one of the executive producers and managers of ZTraxx. Tina is a very strong business woman. Tina is also apart of Z-Funk and is the sister of Zaina Juliette.

Ron Garrett

Creative Group & Consultants

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ZTraxx Radio Play is apart  of a radio airplay marketing organization which consists of a team of music industry promotion veterans with over 100 years of combined music-marketing experience. As one of the music industry's leading radio airplay marketing firms, our mission is to level the playing field for the independent record company or new developing recording artist by giving their music an opportunity at receiving real radio airplay.  ZTraxx team has created strong strategic partnerships with radio station owners, program directors and disc jockeys in order to guarantee that your music is not just HEARD by them, but PLAYED by them.


ZTraxx is now in  the position to offer our clients a "guaranteed radio airplay" service at an affordable rate as a way to test market records for true viability.