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Zaina Juliette & Friends TV Show

6 Years on Air. CW Network (Las Vegas)

TV Show in production 

New Creation by Zaina Juliette

ST7R (StarChild of The 7 Realms) 

The Series

Starring Zaina Juliette

In Pre-Production



The TV Series  •

ZJS Welcomes
Our New


Mr. Kevin Black


Kevin Black, CEO, U Can Fly Holdings

With a resume that reads like the Top 100 Chart in the Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop genres, veteran music executive Kevin Black has contributed to the success of countless recording artists. Household names like Madonna, Linkin Park, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, Prince, Marilyn Manson and Cher all can credit part of their success and careers to the efforts of Bronx-native Kevin Black. Citing multi-platinum status with over a billion dollars in combined revenue, record labels and artist (both major and independent, alike) have relied on Kevin Black’s expertise, vision, tenacity, and drive to take their careers to the next level.