The Commercial FM Server is radio's #1 place for discovering new music! Currently, more than 17,500+ radio program directors, music directors, mix-show DJs and music-industry professionals throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Worldwide actively visit the server to seek new music for their Commercial FM Radio stations. The Commercial FM Server is a premier industry server where these music-industry-professionals can securely preview and download (Broadcast Quality MP3 or WAV file) the latest records currently impacting radio airplay. It also assists programmers in discovering new music which can lead to potential radio airplay. The Commercial FM Server is a great way to expose your music to the decision makers when they are looking for new music to play! Although there is no spin guarantees with having your song placed on the server, we will provide you with weekly reports which covers the first month of previews and downloads. 


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These reports will inform you of the stations that previewed your single and which stations have chosen to download your single for potential airplay. The Commercial FM Server is a great way to assure your music is available to virtually all Commercial FM Radio stations in your genre as well as assist with the growth of your airplay story. This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to ensure your music is available to major radio stations! Have your song placed in front of key decision makers today! Your song will be available for programmers/DJs to preview/download within 48 hours and reports will follow every Monday for the next 4 weeks! The cost for the Commercial FM Server is $750. If you have any questions about placing your song on the Commercial FM Server, contact us at .