We offer an extensive College/Non-Commercial Radio campaigns for the following genres: R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock/Metal/Loud/Alternative, Electronic, World/Reggae, Jazz, Americana/AAA/Roots, Blues and New Age. All campaigns are a minimum of 8 weeks and consists of 3-Tier levels. College radio campaigns can be extended longer if desired and the 3-Tier levels are designed based upon your overall college radio needs. We target 200, 400 or 600 stations and offer a detailed tracking report every week which will include play lists from stations, station contact information, status of airplay (light, medium or heavy rotation) and other information such as interview request and promotional product(s) requests. Each tier level requires a certain amount of physical hard copy CDs. For example, we would need 300, 450 or 700 CDs depending on the tier level desired. On all genres we would need full-length albums except for R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap in which we can use singles. services your music to hundreds of College and Non-Commercial Radio stations coast to coast including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Historically, we have garnered at least 15-25% of the radio stations serviced to add your song to rotation. We primarily focus on the old CMJ reporting station panel and others for our College/Non-Commercial Radio campaigns! Our GUARANTEED College/Non-Commercial Radio Airplay starts at just
$3300+ depending on which tier level of radio stations desired. If you are interested in one of our College/Non-Commercial Radio campaigns, contact us at