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Starchild of the 7 Realms

A Sci Fi, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Docudrama

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This is a unique TV Series that is completely outside the box and into orbit.

This TV Series is the backdrop of the "Music is Love Concert Tour and Networking Festival.

As the live tour is the back story of the TV Series.

If we do not rid the world from the 7 evils now, then the human race will soon self-destruct - Armageddon - AGAIN!


The ET's/

People of the chariots, millions of years more advanced than Homo sapiens and will be guiding the StarChilds (Demon Slayers) on this mission to fight to end the demonic takeover of Earth. This can bring us into an alliance with other worlds.

This mission will transcend through different realms, times and parallel worlds.


StarChilds are to perform an epic Earthorcism


The stories of this battle are endless and also phycological.

This is a series that will tap into a deeper reality that all people can relate to

in life. It transcends through other Realms, Times and Worlds. It will make you wonder and think outside the box. It is a mind twist with symphonics taken to yet to be known realms.


ST7R-StarChild of The 7 Realms is a Psychological, Thriller, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Sci Fi story based on real events and a series of dreams. There are many levels to this mind twisting series. The audience will follow the story of SaHeaven (Played by Zaina Juliette), who was born as a child prodigy and into a family of unique entertainers based out of Louisiana, who themselves are all StarChilds. Her mission by the people of the Chariots is to connect with the other chosen ones/StarChilds to use their gifts and musical talents to help decode  powerful frequencies to begin SaHeavens Earthorsism. This is the final battle between good and evil and it transcends through 7 Realms of the Heavens and 7 Realms of hell!


What is a StarChild?

That is explained as you read further into the backstory. They are on the frontline of this spiritual warfare on earth, of the 7th Element. But the story is not just here on earth but across the universe and beyond all realms. StarChilds are humans, hybrids and elves with musical talents and special hidden powers. They are the chosen ones by the ET’s of the Chariots whose mission is to decipher the musical frequencies that will cast the demons from earth and beyond forever, or so we hope. The only real weapon against the 7 Evils are musical frequencies. The StarChilds must connect to decipher these frequencies. In this series there will be many cameos of real music artists and musicians as the principal characters. There are Lucifer’s minions known as the dark shadow jumpers that possess humans in order to help the 7 Evils with their mission. These demons are so far unable to jump StarChilds. 


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The most powerful weapon of all against this evil is in the music, those frequencies 
which is the holy water of this Earthorcism battle.  


SaHeaven and the other StarChilds 
are on the front-line. As a team, they will unlock and cipher the Frequency codes and set off the series of 
vibrations that will cast evil from earth and beyond. A force so powerful that it will Cast 
the demons shadows out, they will be forced through the deepest darkest portal, like a black hole in the darkest space in the cosmos, to their final destination. The endless depths of purgatory.

They will not go easy. Some will linger and fight for earth along with the main 7.
Will earth become the new home of the 7 evils? Saheaven wants them evicted, They will stop at nothing to try and take SaHeaven's soul which will become their biggest task. They need souls to thrive. Will earth become the new hell? 

All souls are trapped for the taken.

People are becoming lost in their confusion. Many of them are being unknowingly manipulated by the Shadow Demon Jumpers. The most untrusted are those who are the closest to the StarChild. They were summoned by demons to do whatever it takes to block their mission. 

The manipulated will begin to slowly realize, it is because of them 
humanity is moving towards the gates of hell. 

(Zaina Juliette)

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