We offer Mediabase/DRT Activator and Non-Reporter station campaigns for securing small market FM airplay. These campaigns are available only for these genres such as Rock, Country, AC, and Americana. Small market FM is a great way to start building familiarity of the artist and song before targeting commercial FM radio in major markets. Activator radio campaigns include a custom designed E.P.K. and digital delivery of your music to our panel of activator and non-reporting FM radio stations each week during the length of your campaign. These radio campaigns are customized based upon the amount of weeks and stations you would like to secure. We will provide you with detailed weekly reports (usually on Wednesdays) which include feedback from radio stations, airplay status and a list of FM Radio stations serviced with your song. Our GUARANTEED Mediabase/DRT Activator and Non-Reporter station campaigns starts at just $1300+. If you have any questions regarding our Activator/Non-Reporter FM radio campaigns or to get your campaign started today, contact us at